Monday, June 17, 2013


Houghton MI (Low 52 Cooler with Clouds High 60)

We went to the Seafood Fest over the weekend and had a great time and were glad to help in their fundraiser. We split a seafood platter with the best grilled lake trout we think we have ever had. Also on the platter was a baked potato and an ear of corn with fried fish and fried shrimp. We added clam chowder and a side of cole slaw since we were splitting.

Here are people lined up for the food. We got there early, the lines later were longer.

They sure look busy getting food on plates.

The crab legs sure looked good.

Fish and chips and shrimp ready for orders.

Even at a seafood fest somebody wants a brat or a burger.

We listened to a band playing blues for awhile and then headed back to our site to sit outside and read. The breeze picked up and it was a little chilly so we went inside. Can't beat that for the middle of June especially since the Kansas City area where we are from has been hot and humid.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I was waiting to hear how this went. So glad the food, music and weather turned out great for you both.

  2. Hi, good news, we will be in the Houghton City RV Park on Sunday. We made reservations. Hope to see you then.
    Bob and Linda