Monday, June 24, 2013


Houghton MI (Low 63 Sunny then afternoon storms High 79)

They do like their Fests up here that is for sure. We blogged about Seafood Fest earlier. Finn Fest 2013 is happening at the same time as Bridgefest 2013. Bridgefest was organized to celebrate the anniversary of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge, which officially opened in 1959. 

The Bridge is a vital link between the communities of Houghton and Hancock, and is a gateway to the rest of the historic Keweenaw Peninsula.

Another Fest that we can walk to and avoid the parking problems. Unfortunately another Fest that we have wanted to go that has had some weather problems. Tulip Festival in Pella was almost snowed out while we were there but we went later when it warmed up. Seafood Fest here was great the first day as you saw from the pictures but Saturday turned rainy. Bridgefest started out real rainy but we found a break in the weather and walked down.

We saw some excellent wood carving with chainsaws.

This one is for Judy, but not as scary as the ones she saw.

This one is for Jim.

Amazed us that all these were done with chainsaws. Then there was a classic car show.

This is for the gear heads, a 454 immaculate engine.

Even though the water was about 40 degrees there still was a water ski show. I've got to say the boys were kinda wimpy in their wetsuits and one of them cried like a little girl when he hit the cold water, but the girls were just in swimming suits and we heard nary of whimper from them.

At the end of the day fireworks were shot off of a barge in front of our site. We had the best seat in the house, the show was better than our pictures.

We really enjoy being able to walk to these Fests and really are enjoying our summer on the Upper Peninsula.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Looks like another day of enjoying the good life.

    Paul used to do wood carvings. He would have really enjoyed himself at this Fest.

  2. Jim wants to know if you're bringing him that carving when you come to AZ this summer? He loved it. You guys really do have a lot of parties up that way. But some sunshine would sure be nice for awhile.