Saturday, October 1, 2016


Currently in Albuquerque NM (Low 56 Beautiful with Plenty of Sun High 78) 

We may not be front row like we would have preferred but we still get a good view of the launch field. Friday morning we saw our first balloon and by the time we got the camera it was already on the ground. Here is the view from our back window.

We then walked to the overlook and saw Darth Vader and Yoda tethered in front of the museum.

There were more balloons in the sky, we saw about 30 total. Our first special shape in the air.

A closeup of the second special shape we saw that we took from the truck so sorry it is a little blurry.

Catching up on food. On Thursday we went to one of our all time favorites, La Salita, and had our all time best chile relleno.

On Friday we went back to Vic's Daily Cafe and split the Navajo huevos rancheros and brought the Athenean omelet back to split tomorrow morning.

Catching up on pumpkin. On Thursday since it was so close to La Salita we went to Trader Joe's who always does great things for pumpkin season. This year we decided for the most part to try somethings we have never had before. As you can see below we got a lot of pumpkin stuff.

We saw this recyclable bag at Trader Joe's and could not resist since it had balloons.

Here is the launch field from Friday afternoon.

This morning kicked off the balloon fiesta with the 'Morning Glow'. A 'Glow' is where the balloons are tethered to the ground and the burners are lit, supposed to be really neat. The 'Morning Glow' is followed by the mass ascension of balloons at dawn. All the vendor tents should also be open. Saturday evening is the 'Twilight Twinkle Glow' that is followed by fireworks. Should be a great kickoff to the balloon fiesta.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. You guys are going to OD on pumpkin before all the balloons even get in the air. The shaped balloons are so neat.

  2. Lots of fun ahead.
    Oh my gosh, are you two sure you bought everything they had that had pumpkin on it...hehehe