Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Currently in Albuquerque NM (Low 39 Sunny and Delightful High 75) 

It was a little windy yesterday in the morning so only a few balloons that we saw took off. Bob went down to 'Main Street' to get a couple of breakfast burritos.

While waiting he took a picture of the bluff overlooking the launch field. Along this is where we usually sit.

He got one from Hello Deli and one from Blake's Lotaburger. The one from Hello Deli was already made so it had green chile already on it. The one from Blake's was made after the order so we could get the green chile on the side. Bob preferred the one from Hello Deli and Jo preferred Blake's. Both were very good, like we say, "there are no bad breakfast burritos in Albuquerque - there are just some better than others". 

After breakfast we hung around since Dale's Mobile RV Service was coming to adjust our living room slideout. Longtime readers will remember the gremlin we had in our trailer brakes. Dale was the one who found the problem, a short in the wiring that looks a lot like a gremlin.

We never made the connection with Dale yesterday although we were home all day. About Noon or so Bob took the trash he saw Dale's card on the steps. Neither one of us heard a knock nor did we get a phone call. He is a one man shop that must have been busy all day because he didn't answer the phone the rest of the day. We'll try and make contact later today after we get to Stagecoach Stop RV Park just north of Balloon Fiesta park.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. We do remember your issue with the wiring. What a nightmare that was. Good luck hooking up with Dale today.