Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Currently in Albuquerque NM (Low 46 Plenty of Sunshine High 72) 

After a couple of days with a lot to do in the morning and evening the schedule yesterday was light. We both slept in and had breakfast in the RV. Here are some of the balloons that were inflating as seen from our back window. Ours are the only chairs visible.

We then walked over to the shuttle location and got a ride down to 'Main Street'. We didn't want to go down there on Saturday and Sunday because us and 100,000 of our closest friends don't get along too well. Here is a photo of the crowd from the Albuquerque Journal.

Here is what 'Main Street' looked like when we got there.

We were surprised that a lot of the vendors were closed and may not have been open in the morning. We plan on getting a breakfast burrito one morning, we shall see if they are open. We did get some 2016 Balloon Fiesta pins to put on our badge lanyard.

Since the food places were closed we headed to Fuddrucker's for a green chile cheeseburger and a swiss melt burger. We didn't realize we were next door to a cinema so we checked the time and realized we could see 'The Magnificent Seven'.

Kind of a mixed review from us. We liked the actors and some of the action. But they seemed to be trying too hard so we really can't recommend this movie.

After the movie we had a broken cover for an outside light that we needed so we stopped at an RV dealer on the way home. We are getting our kitchen slide adjusted today, we'll let you know how that goes.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. We have been to several balloon events, but nothing like this. Enjoy!