Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We Don't Like Eastern Time Zone

Houghton MI (Cloudy High 72 Low 57)

We rarely spend time in the Eastern Time Zone and when we do we don't like it. It just feels off with everything an hour later. Add to that the part of the Upper Peninsula where we are is north of Wisconsin which is on Central Time so it doesn't feel like we should be on Eastern Time. But this year is even worse with the Olympics on and the prime time broadcast ending at midnight. The first few nights we watched till the bitter end ending even later than midnight with our DVR delay watching. But last night we decided to quit earlier and just catch up today. So we are DVR delaying the network's tape delaying.

Staying up later means getting up later so we have done very little touristy things except for sitting outside and looking at water, reading, and talking with our neighbors which we have really enjoyed. We have had a couple great meals; a steak and cheddar pizza at the Loading Zone in Linden City and breakfast at Suomi in Houghton where Jo got the Finnish baked custard pancakes, Pannu Kakku. We are here for three weeks so once the Olympics are over we can get into tourist mode but we are really enjoying the relaxation portion so we are not complaining. There are just a couple of places we would like to see while we are here.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. When we went east I even had trouble with the Central Time Zone. I lived in DC but I was younger than and was able to stay up later. So I know what you mean about the Eastern Time Zone. But relaxing and visiting are good things. So enjoy while you can.

  2. When we traveled from EST to Mountain, then Pacific, we were shocked at how much earlier it would get dark. It's just what we become accustomed to. Happy you are enjoying your visiting.

  3. Saw your blog off another we follow. We love the UP, it is a great place. Have you seen a couple of our offbeat favorites -- the mineral museum at Michigan Tech in Houghton or the Upper Dome at Northern Michigan U in Marquette?

  4. I'm not crazy about the eastern time zone either, but I'd better get used to it since I'll be in it until next May. :(

  5. Central Time is our favorite. Pacific is terrible. Everything is on so early if we didn't TVO the programs, we would have missed everything.