Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Almost Perfect Day

South Range WI (Pleasant with Sunshine High 77 Low 50)

We have one measure of a perfect day; food, sightseeing, weather. By these measures we had an almost perfect day recently.

Food - we have hit upon an incredible place to eat in South Range; Kounty Quart House which has an interesting story. A lady who used to cook for the Elks but then they decided they are not serving food anymore. She then starts a catering business and it explodes so she decided to start a restaurant. She buys a bar and the Kounty Quart House is born. The food is incredible and all of it homemade, they make everything from scratch including the salad dressings. So far we have had an Ultimate BLT, Greek hamburger, cheesesteak, fried yellow tomatoes on top of an arugula ssalad. This is a MUST stop for any foodie. We are going to send Guy Fieri from DDD an e-mail about this place. It is a little spot literally in the middle of nowhere that serves amazing food.

Sightseeing - We visited Pattison State Park for Big Manitou Falls, which at 165' is Wisconsin's tallest falls. The park also includes Little Manitou Falls. Both falls were view-able after a short walk from their respective parking lots. Here is Big Manitou Falls.

Here is Little Manitou Falls.

Weather - at a little over 80 and sunny with very little breeze it was a little too warm for our tastes, hence the title.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Sounds like a perfect day for me...I love 80 and sunny.

  2. Nice falls:) A Greek burger sounds like a really good way to round out the day!