Friday, August 3, 2012

Catching Up - Canal Park and Aerial Lift Bridge, Day 2

Two Harbors MN (Partly Sunny High 79 Low 63)

After 5 weeks of no Wal-Mart (and other shopping) we had a 'shop till you drop' day yesterday with Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Petco, etc. on the itinerary after a great breakfast at Sara's Table in Duluth. This allows us to catch up on some blog posts from our recent visit to Saginaw Minnesota. Then we will catch up on our blog posts from Grand Marais Minnesota.

We awoke to these morning visitors seen from our back window exploring the area around one of the ponds. It was good to see the geese as we fondly remember all the geese we used to see in our backyard at our old sticks and bricks.

After our great meal the previous day we went back to Sara's Table in Duluth for breakfast, this time we bought a loaf of the cranberry wild rice bread to use for french toast at home again. Then it was off to Canal Park again.

This time we got to see Aerial Lift Bridge go all the way to the top with a barge/tugboat combo going through. Here is the bridge starting to go up about 20 minutes before the barge/tugboat combo was even in sight.

Here is the barge/tugboat combo approaching the bridge.

The bridge at its highest point.

Finally the barge/tugboat/combo going under the bridge.

The loudspeaker had the announcement early on what was going to happen and the crowd got bigger as the time drew nearer. We were glad our timing was such that we could enjoy this spectacle.

Till next time

Bob and Jo

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