Friday, August 10, 2012

Catching Up - Grand Marais Food Scene, Part 3

Houghton MI (Mostly Sunny High 70 Low 53)

Subtitled: A Foodies Paradise, Part 3

It rained yesterday pretty much all day in Houghton so that allows us to catch up on some blog entries from our recent stay in Grand Marais Minnesota.

On top of all the great dining places that we described in Grand Marais Food Scene Part 1 and Part 2 we forgot to mention Hughie's Tacos which serves up the best puffy taco that we have had. A puffy taco is a flour taco shell that is fried so it puffs out and then filled with ingredients. They serve a pork and kraut taco that sounds weird but is amazing and their fish taco is great too.

In addition to the great eating places there are other places that provide great food experiences.

Sydney's Frozen Custard - some of the best custard we have had, so rich and creamy. Plus they serve a wood fired pizza that is real good. These are more of the artisan style pizzas than the regular menu pizzas but still good.

Gunflint Mercantile - they make up the best rice combination packets. The best one is cranberry creation which has wild rice, jasmine rice, brown rice, wild pecan rice, slivered almonds, and dried cranberries. We have a cream of wild rice soup mix we haven't tried yet that we bought there.

Beth's Fudge and Gifts - Amazing fudge here. The best fudge we have ever had; the dark chocolate, caramel and sea salt mixture, is available here. Gift shop is neat to walk through also.

White Pine North - next door to Crooked Spoon. We got syrup there that is very unique and wonderful, a blueberry and maple syrup combination. They also have a no sugar added wild blueberry syrup that is great. Also a neat gift shop to walk through. 

World's Best Donuts - having been there and tried a couple of different donuts we feel we have to make a comment about World's Best Donuts, a famous donut shop in Grand Marais. We feel that the donuts are OK but would not call them world's best.

With so many places to eat and shop for food we really overdid it the 5 weeks that we were there. Next time we are there we want to stay a 2-3 months and spread out our eating out a little more as the places can get expensive. 

With the exception of Naniboujou and My Sister's Place we could walk easily to any of these locations which makes this location our favorite 'Foodies Paradise' so far.

This concludes our review of the Grand Marais Minnesota food scene.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Sounds like a place I need to stay away from both for my waistline as well as my wallet. Great food.

  2. I'd like to try all of the places you talked about, but doubt that I ever will. I so seldom eat out. Dining out alone is not much fun, so I don't do it.

  3. Okay, that's a new one on me. Being of German heritage, I love sauerkraut and pork but I have never heard of it in a taco!! I'll have to think about that one lol.