Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jo Gets a Haircut

South Range WI (Partly Sunny and Warmer High 88 Low 48)

Subtitled: Part 2 of Bob's Whole Lotta Eating Going On

Jo got her hair cut at a salon in Canal Park in Duluth yesterday. While she was doing that Bob walked around Canal Park and enjoyed the scenery and the great weather (mid 60s with a good breeze). Although a big ship was not scheduled for the entire day which would cause the Aerial Lift Bridge to raise all the way to the top there was a tour boat that caused to bridge to partially raise. Here it is arriving.

Here is the Aerial Lift Bridge raising.

Here is the tour boat passing under the bridge.

Jo's haircut took about 2 hours and it was amazing just how fast the time went for Bob. He puttered with his smartphone for awhile, walked around the canal and then began reading his book. Before he knew it it was time to check menus in the area for lunch. From the "it doesn't hurt to ask file" Bob asked Famous Dave's if his expired Pig Club free birthday meal would still be honored since when it expired a couple of days ago we were not near a Famous Dave's and the manager said no problem, that there was some benefit to belonging to the Pig Club. So after Jo's haircut was over we walked to Famous Dave's. We were also able to use a survey coupon for a free dessert and got our favorite bread pudding for dessert.

After lunch we walked along Canal Park enjoying the great weather and scenery. So on a scale of a perfect day this was pretty high on the list with great food, sightseeing and weather.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I always love the first week after I get my hair cut, then it starts going wild again. have it so easy!

  2. It is always panic time when Anneke has to get a haircut at a new place:(