Thursday, August 2, 2012

On the Move Again - to Two Harbors Minnesota

Two Harbors MN (Mostly Sunny High 81 Low 57)

After over a month in Grand Marais Minnesota we headed out yesterday, August 1st, to Two Harbors also in Minnesota and also along the North Shore of Lake Superior. We are staying at the Burlington Bay Campground which is another nice campground right on the water.

It was approximately 80 miles from Grand Marais to Two Harbors, we sure like the shorter days. Here is the route we took.

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We had a short trip but then a long setup time. This is a very popular campground with an unusual reservation window. In January you can make reservations for the next year so when Bob called in January of this year there was slim pickings. We know now why this was the only site available. We ended up at a site that at first we weren't sure was even a site because we could not see the hookups. It looked like a primitive site with trees all around. The power was at the end of the site but down a hill, the sewer the same but in the middle. The water, however, was not to be found, turns out it is on the pedestal for the site next door so we needed two hoses which thankfully we had the second hose.

When Bob turned on the water the house water filter in the cargo bay fell out and a waterfall developed. Luckily we have everything in plastic bins but the carpet was soaked. Our ShamWows sopped it up and we put a fan on it but by now a short setup time was much longer. This was the first time that the water filter has fallen out in almost three years of living in our Cameo.

We did get it all setup and decided to eat at Betty's Pies which we had heard so much about. The food and of course pie were both very good. Luckily we are only here two nights because we are really roughing it. With trees all around our roof mounted dish could only get the low definition channels so we had to watch the Olympics live with the air antenna. It has been a long time since we have watched something live and suffered through the commercials. Bob kept picking up the remote to fast forward, you'd think after the 20th time he would have remembered, but sadly no. We are also roughing it because we only have 30a service but we put the refrigerator and water heater on LP so we can run both air conditioners at the same time which we had to do since it was a little hot inside after our trip and in the low 80s outside. But it is not all bad, we are few steps from a nice view of the big water and once we got settled and used to live TV it was OK.

We plan to take a trip into Duluth today to eat at Sara's Table and visit our home away from home, Wal-Mart. We are sorely in need of a Wal-Mart fix after being away for so long.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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