Sunday, August 5, 2012

Catching up - Aerial Lift Bridge History

Houghton MI (Sunny and VERY Windy High 65 Low 55)

We made another Wal-Mart run yesterday to stock up for our stay in Houghton so that allows us to catch up on blog entries of our recent trip to Saginaw Minnesota near Duluth.

Like we said earlier we do like lift bridges and the one in Duluth has an interesting history. We found out more about it at the Maritime Museum which is located in Canal Park. This museum is Minnesota's most popular visitor attraction. There are models and exhibits giving an inside look into the Lake Superior shipping industry and the history of shipping on the big lake.

But we were mostly interested in the history of the lift bridge. It was interesting to find out that it started out in 1905 as an extremely rare transporter bridge, the first of two such bridges ever built in this country.  Over time this became known as the Aerial Ferry Bridge. Here is a painting of what it looked like in operation.

Here is a model of the Aerial Ferry Bridge with a model of the current Aerial Lift Bridge behind it. This was a display of the centennial celebration of the lift bridges in 2005. The Aerial Lift Bridge was constructed in 1929-1930.

It was cool to find out about the bridge history and learn that this was the site of an extremely rare bridge. We saw a picture on the evening news while in Duluth of the Aerial Lift Bridge at night and we just had to find that image so here is one we found on the internet.

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  1. That would a really interesting museum. How do people think of things like the Aerial Lift Bridge? Way too smart for me.