Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not living the dream today

We have blogged about all the great places we have been, the great food that we have eaten, and the cool temperatures. We have truly been living the dream but it all came crashing down, literally, today.

We decided to move to a different spot today in the park since the tripod and satellite dish setup just wasn't working, the wind kept blowing it down and it was getting harder and not easier to set it up.

After we hooked up we raised the front jacks an inch or so and pulled forward a little bit. Thinking we were secure we raised the front jacks and headed for the other site when we heard CRASH or was it THUNK? Yes, we had dropped the Fifth Wheel onto the truck bed.

The great news is that nobody was hurt. The good news is that the truck appears to be drivable, although not very attractive. There was no apparent damage to the Fifth Wheel so we are planning to drive it this way until we get to our RV dealer later this month and probably wait to get the truck fixed when we get to Arizona for the winter.

All it will take to fix this is money and time and we learned a valuable lesson; that we need to lock the dang hitch and drive forward further than we did. And the best thing is nobody got hurt, except maybe our egos. Jo did say she was going to sue Bob for whiplash : - )

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Ouch! Same thing happened to us a few years ago; I know how you feel. Taught me a valuable lesson, though. After the drop, I never pulled forward unless I looked to see that the hitch jaws had closed around the kingpin. I guess I never want to stop learning, lest I probably will have croaked! Love your blog...cheers!

  2. Know how you feel,back when I drove a tractor trailer I droped a trailer. That was hard to live down with the rest of the guys.

    Good luck and hang in there.

  3. Your title drove us to read your post--with fear and trembling....SO glad no one was hurt! Drats! May all go MUCH better as you continue your travels. We are looking forward to seeing you in Arizona.

    Paws and Friends (No longer in a FRED!)

  4. Ouch! The good news is you can keep traveling. We have made some dandy blunders. You just have to shake them of and enjoy the fun ahead.