Tuesday, August 30, 2011

If life gives you lemons,

You just go out to eat!!

While prepping the inside for our departure to Joliet this morning we heard a terrible noise and our fifth wheel rocked. Another couple up earlier than us was leaving and left their awning out and ripped our ladder to shreds. Since we went on a tour of the Carriage factory we are in the RV park right next to Carriage so the men headed to the Parts Building. Jordan, the Customer Service rep, followed us back to the park and we first looked at the awning damage, it was a total loss. We then looked at our shredded ladder and although a total loss there appeared to be only minor damage to the fiberglass gelcoat but we did not get a good look at the roof. Again the great news is that no one got hurt and the really great news is that it was not our fault, hey we were just sitting there.

Jordan checked a few things out and was able to get us into the factory for repairs tomorrow morning. That's the good news since they usually are very buy, the bad news is that they come and pickup the RVs at 7;00 a.m., which is earlier than Bob gets up and a whole lot earlier than when Jo gets up. Fiberglass repair takes some time to cure so it may be a 2 day job for us while the awning repair should take a couple of hours. We will see our home again probably about 3:00 p.m. The really bad news is that the cats will be locked in the bedroom with the slides in from 7a-3p maybe two days in a row and then we have a travel day. We don't think the cats are living the dream right now.

When life gives you lemons you just go out to eat. Since we were here for only a short time we did not get to eat at a place recommended as a good place to eat, that being the Lux Cafe in nearby Goshen. After we got it all settled it was getting close to lunch time so we went to the Lux Cafe. As we are prone to do we got breakfast; Jo got the 'A Taste of France French Toast' which was french toast covered in a sautied sauce of applies, Cinnamon and raisins, while Bob got the gyro scrambler which was gyro meat, feta, tomatoes, onions and potatoes scrambled with eggs. It was very tasty and this will be our breakfast place after the 7a pickup tomorrow morning and some of the lunch and dinner entrees look downright appealing.

After lunch we went to our home away from home, Wal-Mart, for some shopping and then hit a farmer's market on the way back. We need to sample some Indiana sweet corn to compare with Michigan and Wisconsin and Iowa and Missouri and Nebraska sweet corn.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. That's a lemon all right, but at least you are next to the repair facility. :)

  2. Ouch! The fact that it was not your fault is the only good part of the repair process. Hope it goes smoothly.