Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another first

We think we may have done something for the first time definitely as full-timers and maybe even as a married couple of 21 years. Before your dirty minds get moving too fast we had breakfast for all three meals yesterday.

We are in blueberry country here in the Upper Peninsula so yesterday we had leftover wild blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Our plan for the day was to go over Da' Bridge to Mackinaw City and tour Fort Michilimackinac, which the French built in 1715, and the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse. We puttered around the place and headed for lunch at the Pancake Chef in Mackinaw City.

At the Pancake Chef we could not decide on breakfast or lunch and we noticed their breakfast buffet was still operating which surprised us since it was almost Noon. The buffet was cheaper than anything else on the menu plus it had french toast which Jo was leaning to. That is how we ended up with our 2nd breakfast meal of the day.

After the Pancake Chef we decided to walk to a shop in the Mackinac Crossing area where we  bought 'No Sugar Added' Wild Blueberry Syrup, we did mention this was blueberry country didn't we? There was no breeze and no clouds so it turned out to be a little hotter than we like so we decided to go back and get our chairs and read in the shade overlooking the lake. 

By the time supper rolled around we realized that some of the blueberries were getting a little long in the tooth so we decided to make blueberry pancakes and that is how we ended up with our 3rd breakfast meal of the day.

Seriously, the blueberries up here are the best we have ever had. We are at the end of the season so whenever anybody has some we buy them as fast as we can. We have had oatmeal or cereal covered in so many luscious blueberries all you see is blueberries. The same goes for ice cream covered in blueberries. We have frozen a lot of blueberries but with our small freezer not as much as we would like. We just could not eat the blueberries fast enough which is why we had to have the blueberry pancakes for supper, or as we like to say we like to have a little pancake batter with our blueberries.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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