Thursday, August 25, 2011

Like having a heart attack in an ER

We had planned on picking up our RV today and heading for Indiana. Our dealer pulled the tires to inspect the brakes this morning. Bob took advantage of this to take the tires to a tire dealer to have them checked for leaks since one tire was losing air slightly faster than the others and to do a visual inspection. Our Cameo came with Duro tires, or what some have called 'Chinese Tire Bombs'. We used these tires for two years and consider ourselves lucky, especially after what happened today.

Our RV dealer did a visual inspection for bubbles or defects and found nothing. The tire dealer also did an inspection in front of Bob on the inside and outside of all four tires and none of us saw anything. The tires were pumped up to operating pressure and put in a tank to check for leaks. One tire had a nail in the side wall that was causing the leak. So now we needed 1 tire. After all the tires had been dunked one of them developed a bubble right in front of us just liking having a heart attack in an ER. We are so blessed that it happened at the tire dealer and not on the road.

So now we needed 2 tires and we decided it was time to dump the Duros and get Goodyears, we got the G614 based on what Bob has read online, talking with other Carriage owners, and after talking with our RV dealer. The tire dealer did not have those in stock, who keeps an inventory anymore, but they should be available tomorrow morning so we are staying another night in the Hotel.

Oh boy another good hotel shower!!

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Very good move. Having had a blowout on the right rear axle in W Memphis once. It's no fun changing a tire in the heat and humidity. Oh dod I mention the 3/4 in gravel in my behind.

  2. That was indeed a fortuitous check. Cannot be a better place for the tire to go.