Friday, July 21, 2017


Currently in Belton MO (Low 77 Mostly Sunny and HOT and HUMID High 96 Feels Like 106) 

Subtitled: Satan called and wants his weather back!

It is hot and humid here in Belton and we are under a "Excessive Heat Warning" until Saturday night so needless to say we haven't been doing much.

We recently bought a Dyson V8 Animal and could not be happier. For us this is the perfect vacuum for an RV because of no cord and because of the small space battery life is not an issue.

The V8 has almost twice the suction power of the V6 Animal that we also have, with less noise. We also recently purchased the Heat/Cool fan which we use in the bedroom.

We have been buying Dyson products for awhile and have the original handheld DC34 and the DC35 which was their first powered beater bar. The V6 Animal then improved upon the DC35 and the V8 Animal improved upon the V6. We are anxiously waiting for the next big thing from Dyson.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I first saw a Dyson Heater on your blog, maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I wanted a heater for one of the rooms in our house, but felt a regular space heater screamed "No Central Heat" The Dyson looked like a piece of modern sculpture. After the house sale it became part of our equipment in the RV. I love the small footprint it has. We did have to send it back for some rework when they had a recall, but it has been a great alliance.

  2. I think Dyson needs to let you try out any of their new products since you seem to have all of them.

  3. Never tried a Dyson. Thanks for the recommendation.