Saturday, July 8, 2017


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Yesterday we toured the newly named Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum near Ashland Nebraska.

Yet another change for this facility in a long line of changes. The Strategic Aerospace Museum (always to the public the SAC Museum) was dedicated in 1966 at Offutt Air Force Base near Bellevue Nebraska. It was an outdoor museum and showcased bombs and the aircraft that carried them. In 1992 the name was officially changed to the Strategic Air Command Museum and in 1998 it was moved to the Ashland location. Then the name was changed to the Strategic Air and Space Museum and now it is called the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum to reflect a more restrained post cold war situation.

Whatever it is called it is a great museum. As we were driving there it started raining and we were glad that most of the planes and exhibits are now indoors in two main hangars. We saw a movie on the SR-71 Blackbird during our tour and a SR-71 was on display at the front of the museum.

Here is Hangar A.

There was a Doolittle Raid exhibit since one of the pilots, Richard Joyce of Lincoln Nebraska, was one of the copilots. Here is a model of the USS Hornet and B-25s on board for the mission.

They also had a model of an airborne command plane. Enlarge and zoom in on the photo to see the different sections of this plane.

And of a cargo transport. It was neat seeing how the planes were laid out.

There was a Tuskogee Airmen exhibit.

A Russian MiG

Here are some more photos.

This was a great museum and we highly recommend that you visit if in the area. Allow a fair amount of time because there is a lot of printed material and films to go along with these great planes.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. This is a great museum. I remember when we went we stayed so long our truck was the last vehicle in the parking lot at the end of the day! Sounds like you've been a few times already over the years.

  2. We have visited so many air/space museums over the years. This one does look like a great one.