Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Currently in Waukee IA (Low 77 Storms and Heat and Humidity High 91) 

On our way to the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum near Ashland Nebraska we had a hit and a miss. The hit was lunch at Over Easy in Omaha. We liked the 'Breakfast-Lunch-Drive Thru' sign. 

After we sat down we saw this sign that sums up our dining philosophy.

We split a Reuben sandwich with hashbrown rounds and Grilled Gouda with sweet potato tots.

Then a table next to us got one of their cinnamon rolls and from the oohing and aahing we got one to go. We had it later that night and it was wonderful. This place has been added to our favorites.

Our miss was after lunch. We had heard about the Holy Family Shrine between the restaurant and the SAC Museum. Google maps took us down a gravel road and then we came to a road closed sign. We could see the shrine in the distance and the fact that the road was also closed coming in the other direction.

The hit of the great food more than made up for the miss of the shrine. Then the bigger hit was the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum we visited after the shrine.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo