Thursday, July 6, 2017


Currently in Greenwood NE (Low 68 Mostly Sunny and Very Warm High 97) 

Subtitled: it never makes the noise when you take it into the shop for repair

We never received any printed information during our walkthrough about the electric cord reel so Bob first went out and took a picture of the faceplate. Then he was going to take the switch off so he could show the parts folks what he was talking about. Here is a photo of the electric cord reel and switch from the web.

When we were trying to retract the cord when we were leaving the switch worked intermittently. So Bob tried it and guess what, it worked, so Bob pulled the cord from the basement area and then retracted it onto the reel. All this time the switch worked. Figuring we would need a spare in case it failed for good Bob still planned on visiting the RV parts place. Then Jo had the great idea to call first. Bob called the reel manufacturer and it turns out our switch is discontinued but the new switch for the next generation reels will work on our model. The manufacturer doesn't sell direct so Bob called a RV parts place in Lincoln.

With the holiday we weren't sure we were going to get the part in time so Bob then called a RV parts place near our next stop in Iowa. The switch will be there this week in time for us to pick up next week. That way if the current switch fails we will have a spare on hand.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We spent a week at Pine Grove. Enjoyed it. Have you found Baker's Candy just down the road? Delicious chocolates. Lots to do between time in Omaha & Lincoln.