Sunday, July 2, 2017


Currently in Kearney NE (Low 62 Partly Cloudy Currently 70)
Heading to Greenwood NE (Currently 69 Clouds and Sun with afternoon Severe Thunderstorms High 90) 

This is a really nice park, once you get to the correct one. The same people own the Kearney RV Park and Campground and the Kearney RV Park, if you go by what was on our GPS devices. We input the first park and both of our GPS devices brought us right there. Turns out that is the North Park and the office, and our site as it turns out, was in the second park, or the Getaway Bay Park. Times like these make us glad we now go on much shorter days than when we started.

Once we made it to the Getaway Bay Park the gal in the office was not there. Luckily we were behind another RV that did the same thing we did. She called the number on the sign and we were both told to go setup and then pay later. The roads, our site and our parking spot were gravel with the pad being concrete. The hookups were reversed from our rig with water at the back and power in the front. We have a long power code and plenty of fresh water hoses so it worked out just fine. We had a good line of sight for our roof mounted satellite dish. The Verizon cellphone signal was strong as was the 4g. The free park wifi for the most part was pretty good so we used that a lot.

Here is the Lifestyle from the front.

To the right.

To the left.

To the rear.

If you enlarge the photo to the left you will see the park geese. Some campgrounds will have a camp dog, here we get geese.

They were heading to Getaway Bay right across the road from our site.

We were surprised how big Kearney was and how much it had to offer. It was a week well spent and if we ever are in this area we would not hesitate to stay here again. We also had a great sunset.

We leave Kearney Nebraska today for Greenwood, also in Nebraska.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. Not sure why they design an RV park with hookups like that. But it looks like my kind of park - pretty open.