Saturday, May 26, 2018


Currently in Murdo SD (Low 63 Blazing Sunshine; HOT High 97)

We thought we were touring the Pioneer Auto Museum yesterday, little did we know we had a complex of over 40 buildings and a lot more than classic autos to see. It's actually called the "Pioneer Auto Show and Antique Town".

When we drove up we were surprised to see the 'Antique Archeology' van from 'American Pickers' parked in front. 

We watch the show and were excited about the possibility of seeing an episode being filmed and possibly meeting Mike and Frank. But as we got closer we realized it probably wasn't them as this was a Mercedes and they traded for a Ford recently. Then we saw the Pioneer Auto stickers and knew our celebrity meeting potential was squashed. We asked they guy taking tickets and he said that yes they bought their old van. 'American Pickers' has filmed there twice and it is quite the production. Pioneer Auto shuts down for the day and they arrive with 2 vans, a motorhome and 9 guys. Still would have been cool to meet them. We came to see cars and they have almost 300 of them spread out throughout the buildings so we were not disappointed. Here are just a couple of the photos we took of cars.

The only remaining original 'General Lee' from the 'Dukes of Hazzard'. 

Mike from 'American Pickers' sat in this 1962 Messerschmitt.

Every auto museum must have a 1957 Chevy, this one is a convertible.

The very first year for the GTO, 1964.

Other cars we liked.

We were also there for the Harley owned by Elvis Presley.

Little did we know they had a building full of motorcycles.

They had signs, gas pumps, display cases for model fire trucks, model cars, typewriters, muskets and rifles and .... Add to all the displays mentioned here there are more than 40 buildings to go through.

We didn't scratch the surface as to what you could see here because it was above 90 and most of the buildings were not air conditioned. We also only have a few of the photos we took. We were happy to see this sign which led to air conditioning. 

This is on our 'see it next time' list as we probably only saw about half the cars and none of the 60 or so antique tractors. If it had been about 25 degrees cooler and we had come better prepared we would have seen more. The "Baskerville Weather Effect" or BWE is as usual in full throttle. It has been about 15-20 degrees higher than normal at our last few stops. The worst may be today where it will be 24 degrees above normal.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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