Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Currently in Douglas WY (Low 42 Currently Sunny 52) 
Heading to Rozet WY (Currently 62 Sunny with an Afternoon Thunderstorm High 81)

After a short stay in Cheyenne Wyoming we departed yesterday and headed to Douglas, also in Wyoming. It was another scenic drive.

We are staying at the KOA in Douglas, this is the view from our back window of a pasture with horses.

Later on a couple of trailers came and unloaded a bunch of horses, kept us entertained.

It was approximately 140 miles, this was the route we took.

We stayed hooked up last night as we are heading to Rozet, also in Wyoming today. We have a mobile service appointment near Rapid City South Dakota on Friday that we don't want to miss.

Both of our GPS devices agreed on the route and would have taken us directly to the park had Bob not had a brain cramp during some road construction and took an exit instead of staying on the interstate. Jo saw what was happening but couldn't stop Bob in time from adding a few minutes to our travel day. Luckily it was just a couple miles the other way on the interstate and then back through the rest area we just left.

Even without a GPS we would have made it to the park as they had the best signage from the internet that we have ever seen. The office at the KOA was closed when we got here but they had our park handout in the night registration area and we found our way to our site. The pull thru was long enough that we could stay hooked up which was great since a one night layover. After we had settled in Bob walked to the office and paid.

The hookups looked convenient although all we used was electrical. We had a great line of sight for our roof mounted satellite dish as you will see in the following pictures. ATT cellular was 4 bars and 4g was 2 bars.

Lifestyle from the front.

To the right.

To the left.

From the rear.

After we got settled we did our usual of checking out local restaurants even though we were going to stay hooked up. Turns out Friendz Pizzeria, which was advertised in the KOA handout and offering delivery, has the best pizza in the state of Wyoming per Yelp. So you know we had to order some pizza. We couldn't decide on one so we got the BBQ and Brisket and the Hang Loose (Maui Pizza). Both were excellent and we both admitted we liked the one we were currently eating the best. Definitely gets added to our 'Our Favorite Things'.

We depart today for Rozet, also in Wyoming. There is a lot to see and do in Douglas and at our last stop in Cheyenne that we wished we had more time. We say we want to leave something for our next visit but with these two stops we have left a lot to see.

The End

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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