Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Currently in Black Hawk SD (Low 53 A Heavy Storm in the Afternoon High 80) 

We had one of those days that make us very glad that we are in this lifestyle. The weather was perfect; low 70s and sunny. The drive to Deadwood was very scenic. While in Deadwood we first visited Adam House.

Three of the most prominent families of early Deadwood lived in this house. Built in 1892 for Harris Franklin who sold it to his son Nathan who sold to W. E. Adam. The Queen Anne-style home is known for its oak interiors and hand-painted canvas wall coverings. It was advanced for its time with plumbing, electricity and telephone service. Here are the wall coverings, some of which were still there and some they had to recreate.

Italian marble sinks throughout the house. Harris Franklin made sure that the plumbing for the sinks was visible as you can see here.

The beautiful oak throughout the house.

A couple things of note. This is a 1917 Westinghouse electric stove, one of the first.

A 1918 electric Frigidaire that was also one of the first. The bottom compartment was for ice in case the power was out.

The glass in this chandelier is uranium glass, uranium is added to the glass mix before melting for coloration. Under a black light the glass glows green. When one of the docents became pregnant they were concerned about radiation so they ran some tests. Turns out the radiation level was about that of a cellphone.

Another view of the exterior.

We also visited Mt. Moriah Cemetery which we will blog about later.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. It's so amazing to think what money could buy - like indoor plumbing. All those things we now take for granted.

  2. Great tour, I remember visiting that house.