Thursday, May 17, 2018


Currently in Rozet WY (Low 49 Currently Mostly Cloudy 62)
Heading to Black Hawk SD (Currently 66 Heavy Afternoon Thunderstorms High 83) 

We departed Douglas Wyoming yesterday and headed to Rozet, also in Wyoming. It wasn't a very scenic drive as we were going through oil and cattle country and it was fairly flat. We did see a lot of pronghorns, called antelope in Wyoming. Jo could never get a good picture of one, just when we realized there was one at 65mph we were past it. Here is a photo from the web.

We are staying at the All Seasons RV Park in Rozet.

It was approximately 130 miles, this is the route we took.

Since we were staying only 1 night we stayed hooked up. We will include a review of the park here. Our GPS devices disagreed on the last leg whether to get on the interstate or not. This was another park though that had great signage from the interstate so we drove right to the park. The sign at the park said to self park and then call the office so we did and the manager came to the site to collect our money. This is a big rig friendly site with wide road and long pull thrus so we could stay hooked up. The hookups looked convenient but we only used electrical. We were very surprised to have great ATT coverage, 5 bars cellular and 4 bars for 4g. As you can see in the upcoming photos there were no trees so we had a great line of sight for our roof mounted satellite dish. Here is the Lifestyle from the front.

To the right towards the office.

To the left.

From the rear.

We honestly have mixed emotions about this park. It is a little expensive for an overnight stay but it is in a nice area for things to see. The owner told me they have better water than nearby Gillette. That said depending on the distances between stops on our next trip we might stay here again.

We depart today for Black Hawk South Dakota just west of Rapid City.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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