Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Currently in Black Hawk SD (Low 48 Partly Cloudy then a Strong Afternoon Thunderstorm High 81) 

While in Deadwood South Dakota we also visited Mt. Moriah Cemetery.

The main attraction for us was the grave of Wild Bill Hickock. 

This is the third sculpture at his grave, a bronze replica of the original stone sculpture. The first two were destroyed by vandals and/or admirers. Hopefully being behind a fence this statue will be around for awhile. Wild Bill is forever linked to Calamity Jane who is also buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery.

She is quoted as saying on her deathbed, "Bury me beside Wild Bill". Well she got her wish.

What we didn't know was that Wild Bill was posthumously named a 'Son of the American Revolution'. His uncle, grandfather and great grandfather fought in the Revolution. This plaque was added at the dedication of the bronze sculpture in 2002.

Mt. Moriah Cemetery sits on a hill above Deadwood Gulch where Deadwood the town was built. It is a beautiful view.

Deadwood got approval from Congress in WWI to fly the flag 24 hours a day, one of the such allowed. Here it is at half mast for the Texas school shooting.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Brings back memories of our stop there. Thanks. There's a great German restaurant in Hill City. At least it was way back when. The alpine or something like that.

  2. Also good memories for us. We like to visit old cemeteries wherever we go.