Friday, August 25, 2017


Currently in Belton MO (Low 58 Partly Sunny Currently 62)
Heading to Hollister MO (Currently 59 Partly Sunny High 83)

The mobile service worked with the extended warranty company and then the manufacturer to arrange shipment. They came out yesterday and installed the new inverter.

After testing all three functions, 110v pass through, 55amp charging of the 3 12v AGM batteries, and inverting (12v to 110v) when not connected to shore power, we now have a fully functioning inverter again. Our extended warranty ($100 deductible) covered the inverter and a couple other repairs that we had done saving us approximately $1900. Needless to say we are happy now that we bought the extended warranty.

While Bob stayed with the coach when the inverter was being installed Jo went with her friend Wilma to Butler Missouri and the 'Koehn Bakery'.

Since Mike from Phannie and Mae included 'A Taste of Denmark Bakery' in Colorado we thought we would share 'Koehn Bakery'. Jo went for lunch, incredible chicken salad sub sandwich and for a gooseberry pie. In all our travels we rarely can find a gooseberry pie so we always try to get at least one while in the area. If in Missouri south of Kansas City we recommend the 'Koehn Bakery' and the gooseberry pie and great sub sandwiches and other bakery items. We like both 'A Taste of Denmark' and 'Koehn Bakery'.

We depart today for Hollister Missouri near Branson.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Glad the warranty paid for all. We have a extended warranty and hope we don't ever need to use it, but I think its good insurance. Enjoy Branson. Hope you get to try the College of the Ozarks for a food stop. There is a great food store about a mile or so from the park (can't remember the name, on the list of stores you get from the office) great fresh produce and meats. I especially enjoy the tractor museum, at the college. Safe travels.

  2. Hey, y'all! Thanks for the mention in your blog. I'll make a note of the bakery you found. I would like to try something made with gooseberries; I've never tasted one that I know of! Glad you got the inverter going; mechanical issues are such a pain. I'm glad you had a reputable warranty company; I got rooked with mine, so I gave up. Luckily, we haven't really needed one since then.

    1. To put it this way, if you like rhubarb you will probably like gooseberries. You inspired me also to divulge some duh moments that I had yesterday in today's blog.

  3. Finally! Glad all the repairs are complete, and it didn't break the bank!
    We have never had gooseberry pie. We will put it on our list to try.