Monday, August 14, 2017


Currently in Belton MO (Low 64 Humid with Clouds and Sun High 84) 

From time to time we like to share tips that make our RV lifestyle more enjoyable. This time we want to share quick connectors. A lot of the water connections are plastic that can become worn after repeated usage. With quick connectors you thread onto the plastic only once. After trying a few different ones we like the brass quick connectors from Ace Hardware.

We tried the cheaper ones from Walmart and they just didn't last. We started out with the connection for city water since we were concerned about stripping the plastic threads if we disconnected once a week for travel.

It then slowly expanded from there to include all possible connections including our water filtering system.

Water softener

Pressure regulator. When not in use we bought more quick connectors and used them when stowing the filters, water softener and pressure regulator for travel.

All hoses

The advantages are that setup and tear down are a little easier and that if we don't need the water softener for example we can easily leave it out. We are also connecting the hoses to keep the connections cleaner. By slowly expanding the number of quick connectors we didn't have the expense all at the same time.

We didn't hear from the mobile service this past week. Bob called and last we heard they were still waiting approval from the extended warranty company. Hopefully we can get it resolved this week as we "plan" on leaving the 20th.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Jim uses quick connects on everything he can find. Good luck with the repairs. So frustrating.

  2. Great tip. We hate waiting around for repairs. Sometime I believe the repair service don't understand your life style,and your schedule doesn't matter to then. Safe travels.