Saturday, August 19, 2017


Currently in Belton MO (Low 64 Mostly Sunny High 89) 

Bob turned 62 yesterday which is significant for a couple of reasons. He begins collecting Social Security in October and he is now eligible for the National Parks Senior Pass for a one time fee of $10. That fee will be raised to $80 on August 28th so Bob is planning on getting his pass this weekend.

One day a year Jo let's Bob be in charge and that is on his birthday 😉 Bob picked 'Mr. Gyros' in Overland Park Kansas, one of our all time favorites.

We've had gyros all over the country and these are the best we have had. The meat is a notch above and the pitas are also a notch above. It was a great meal. We then did some errands, one of which was getting some greek spaghetti sauce from 'Missouri Mud' in Raymore Missouri, another of our all time favorites. We freeze it and have a touch of home with us down the road.

We spent the evening with friends going to a show. A great day for Bob but Jo is a little sad. She says she really can't tease Bob much anymore as he is a tweener, too old for Social Security and too young for Medicare.

While at lunch Jo asked Bob about how he felt on his 62nd birthday. Bob said he was where he wanted to be, with whom he would want to be with, and doing what he wanted to do, so that he felt great. It never is great to be bogged down with problems with our coach but while troublesome when they are happening they are a small minority of the time we have been full-timing, almost 8 years now.

Inverter Update: approval for the work has been received and the new inverter is on order. We hope to get it installed sometime next week so we are extending our stay in Belton Missouri.

Till next time, 

Bob and Jo


  1. Happy Birthday! I would like to be that age again:)

  2. I was still working when I was 62, but pleased to be a bit older and retired!

  3. Happy birthday, Bob. You are just a young'n compared to us. That was a wonderful answer you gave Jo about how you felt being 62. Especially being with the one for you! Way to keep the lady happy.