Thursday, August 24, 2017


Currently in Belton MO (Low 59 Mostly Sunny and Pleasant High 78) 

There is a rush on of people trying to buy the National Parks Senior Pass before the prices goes from $10 to $80 on August 28th. Bob turned 62 on the 18th and called around the Kansas City area and found out that every site that sold them except for the Harry Truman National Historic Site on the Historic Independence Square were completely out.

Since we like to combine food with just about everything we do so going to the Historic Independence Square offered us the opportunity to eat at the Rheinland Restaurant, one of our all time favorites.

We both got the jagerschnitzel. You can see Bob didn't like his schnitzel with spaetzle.

The food was excellent as usual so we are glad we got to eat at one of our all time favs and get Bob's National Parks Senior Pass.

The inverter has arrived and we are on the schedule for today, just waiting for the phone call.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Glad you were able to sneak in on the $10 price. It is so worth it. Good luck with the inverter.

  2. We ate there before going to the Truman library. The beer was really good:)

  3. You will love the National Parks Senior Pass.
    HAHAHA...good thing Bob isn't a picky eater.