Thursday, May 4, 2017


Currently in Santa Fe NM (Low 31 Mostly Sunny High 71) 

Subtitled: Rise of the Machines

On our arrival day to Santa Fe Bob went and got takeout from the Blue Corn Cafe and Brewery which was recommended as being fairly close and great food by the guy at the front desk during checkin. 

Before we give you the rest of the story we have a confession to make, we trust our electronic devices way too much. We first checked the menu online and decided what to order. Bob picked up his smartphone and said, 'call the Blue Corn Cafe in Santa Fe New Mexico' and got connected placing the order.  Bob then also used his phone saying 'navigate to the Blue Corn Cafe in Santa Fe New Mexico' and got directions and headed out.

We have been to Santa Fe before on business trips and vacations so Bob realized pretty soon he was heading for the historic Square, not really close by at 20 minutes. Driving a one tone dually in rush hour and then on those narrow streets in the Square was challenging but doable. What was apparently not doable was when he got 'you have arrived' and there was no sign of the Blue Corn Cafe. If you can believe this Bob finds a parking spot about 2 blocks away and somehow gets the F-350 in it and walks back to where it was supposed to be. Luckily there was a shop owner standing outside and Bob finds out that the Cafe is on the 2nd floor. Bob climbs the stairs and finds out there are no takeout orders and is told you must have ordered from our other location, which you have guessed by now is about 10 minutes from the RV park. We had no idea there were two locations and the smartphone usually says choose a location if there are more than one. Funny that the 'call' feature got one location and the 'navigate' feature got the other.

Bob worked his way to the other location and then of course walked the wrong way around the building, came in through the outside seating area into the barrel storage area and when he got to the front he let out a 'FINALLY' which drew the attention of the General Manager who happened to be in the area. Bob told him upfront that it was nothing Blue Corn had done it was the dang electronic devices. While waiting for the order the General Manager asked if we would want some free guacamole for our trouble. Bob reiterated that it was not their fault but he said he was going to do it anyway. We try to never refuse free guacamole. When he came back it was not only guacamole but queso and salsa and chips, all of which were excellent.

Other good news from this adventure is that we are adopting a 'trust - but verify' on all things electronic from now on. We wonder if this was just a test of the machines taking over so we are going to be careful. As mentioned before the chips and guacamole and queso and salsa were excellent. As were the blue corn tacos that Jo had and the New Mexican Shepherds Pie that Bob got, a collection of green chile, hamburger, potatoes, corn, onions, calabacitas (zucchini and yellow squash mixture) and lots of cheese. 

Also, it wasn't all bad as Bob looked kinda ragged since he came in his travel day clothes and people kept giving him money on the Square 😊

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. This post made me laugh. But I'm sure it was beyond frustrating for Bob. We had trouble finding the heart doctors new office. We had four addresses and none of them worked in the gps. Finally called. Their office is just off of Frank Lloyd Wright but the address is Scottsdale Road.

  2. dad always says to dress down. People will fell sorry for you and you might get a lot of stuff free...of course he was only kidding, but seems to work in Bob's

  3. Thanks for a good laugh. We have had experiences like that......taking us where we didn't want to go but sometimes the trip was worth it. Bob should have had a musical instrument, that would have made for more donations.