Monday, May 15, 2017


Currently in Pagosa Springs CO (Low 37 Mostly Sunny early the a passing afternoon Shower High 69)

We left Alamosa Colorado yesterday and headed to Pagosa Springs, also in Colorado. The highlight of the trip had to be going over the Wolf Creek Pass on the Continental Divide. Here we are at the summit heading down.

It was approximately 100 miles, this is the route we took.

US Highway 160 was a scenic drive sometimes along a babbling river which we did not get a good picture of. We went through a couple of tunnels.

There were some waterfalls from the snow runoff.

You know you are on a high mountain road when you see signs along the way that a runaway truck ramp is close by. Sure is comforting.

We are staying at the Mountain Landing Suites and RV Park. Here is an image from the web.

The last park may have had bunnies but we have something different out our back window this week.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Replies
    1. Then you'll love the horses, long eared squirrel, Lewis woodpecker, magpies, this is a great site.

  2. What a gorgeous drive. Did you know ahead of time that the road was plenty wide enough and the tunnels not going to be a problem? Sometimes those back roads can be dangerous.

    1. We bought the Mountain Directory ebook for truckers, and we consult that before we travel in the mountains. We also have a Rand McNally RV GPS and a Garmin Truckers GPS which we route the trip before we leave just to make sure.