Saturday, May 20, 2017


Currently in Pagosa Springs CO (Low 22 Mostly Sunny and Warmer High 59

The weather impacted our sightseeing for our week in Pagosa Springs Colorado but we had some great sights out our back window. As soon as we got here Bob sat out a couple of bird feeders since we were backed up to a field.

We have had surprisingly low bird activity on the feeders but that doesn't mean there hasn't been any activity. The first bird we saw was the black billed Magpie.

The Magpie at the feeder.

We have had deer almost every evening.

We missed the best Kodak moment when one of the deer started eating out of the red bird feeder. We were looking out another window and by the time we got our cameras the deer had moved on. We also had a couple of horses came close by. Bob went to say hi a couple of times. They really weren't too interested when they found Bob had brought nothing for them.

Plus we had a Raven, the largest dang black bird we have seen.

The most activity has been when an Abert's squirrel, which we started calling Albert, decided he wanted some of the bird food.

This long eared tree squirrel tried to climb the pole to the red feeder and was instantly knocked off the pole by a Lewis woodpecker, aka Lewis, no matter how many times he tried. This is a new bird to us. Bob tried to get a photo but missed the action each time. Here is Lewis in a calmer mode.

Giving up on the red bird feeder Albert set his sights on the bird feeder hanging from the ladder. He first climbed the tree and then in a few moments jumped down on the roof and climbed down the ladder.

Albert kept trying to reach the feeder but had no luck and finally gave up.

Turns out Lewis not only didn't like Abert at the feeder but also any other birds. In spite of Lewis we did see a few birds, a couple of which were new to us. Here is a black headed Grosbeak which we have seen before.

Lewis must have been on a break because here are a lot of Grosbeaks.

New to us was the dark-eyed, gray-headed Junco, one of the least known birds of the coniferous forests of the southern Rocky Mountains.

We also saw a new to us, a Plumbeous Vireo, formerly known as the Rocky Mountain Race of the Solitary Vireo.

Even though we had a lot of indoor time due to the weather this week it has been exciting as it seems there was always something going on outside our back window. 

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. That's more excitement than we have around here. Just discovered yesterday that the Bungalow's fresh water tank is leaking. Oh joy. And it's going to be 103 today and 106 by Wednesday. I'd rather have your wildlife.