Thursday, May 25, 2017


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We got a late start yesterday so decided to visit the Visitors Center of the Mesa Verde National Park and research our visit planned for today. Since the entrance to the park is only 8 miles and we have a Senior Pass which gets us in free we figured it was a great way to get information at a very low cost. Our first assumption that we could get in free was false as the visitors center is before the entrance gate so everyone can visit the visitors center free, and our 2nd assumption was also false. Usually the visitors centers at National Parks have a great video. The video for this park is at the Chapin Mesa Archaeological Museum on the other side of the entrance gate. With all that said it was still a good time.

The view as you walk up to the visitors center is awesome of the snow capped San Juan Mountains.

There is a sculpture out front of a cliff dweller climbing the sides of the cliff.

There were displays and info available, here is a scale model of the USS Mesa Verde, the first ship of the US Navy named after the national park.

Examples of pottery and jewelry that are found in the area.

A great painting of what Mesa Verde would have looked like years ago, notice the San Juan Mountains in the distance.

We are determined to see the film so we will drive up today to the Chapin Mesa Archaeological Museum with stops along the way no doubt.

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Bob and Jo

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