Wednesday, May 21, 2014


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As promised we are taking it easy. Yesterday we slept in and had breakfast in the Cameo, leftover blueberry pancakes, bacon and egg. We drove to Costco in nearby Antioch for lunch and shopping. If you have never had a lunch at Costco it is a good deal. Jo really likes the chicken bake; chicken chunks with caesar dressing and bacon stuffed in a long roll with cheese baked on the outside. It is really good. Bob had the footlong polish sausage and drink special for only $1.50. All of that food for less than $5. Fortified we then shopped at Costco and then at Sears. We then drove back to the park.

We really like this park, if you like remote you will like this park too as it is very remote right next next to the Sacramento River. Remote but also good Verizon cellular signal with a good line of sight for satellite dishes and civilization fairly close in nearby Antioch. There is a BART Station about 30 minutes away and Sacramento is about an hour away.

We admit to being a little surprised because based on the photos on the website we picked a site backing up to the river, or so we thought.

Turns out there is a levee road that runs behind the park and it is bermed higher than our site so this is our view. Still prefer this view than looking at another RV out our back window.

This is the view of the river if you walk up the hill. There are benches if you just want to sit and watch the water.

Our Cameo from the hill.

As you can see from this photo there is a lot of space between sites.

Here is an empty site showing how wide (22' x 45') they are and a party tent on the next site over. 

There are some groups coming in for the Memorial Day weekend so we hope it doesn't get too rowdy. We appreciate how quiet this park is compared to the Moss Landing KOA where we just came from.

The roads here are also wide, roads and pads are constructed with concrete pavers.

This is a great park to do what we plan to do this week, taking it easy. Today all we plan to accomplish is lunch out and Jo getting her haircut.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. Those sites do look nice. I have never been in a park that used pavers. Makes it look spiffy!!