Thursday, May 8, 2014


Currently in Coarsegold CA (Low 46 Sun and some Clouds High 71)

We did make it to Yosemite yesterday but Bob has almost 200 photos to go through so that blog will have to wait. In the mean time we can catch up on blog entries while we were unable to post due to the dead zones. This is from our stay in Parker Arizona.

Ever since we can remember we have talked about visiting London Bridge in Lake Havasu City and we finally did. Here is a very brief summary of how "the" London Bridge got to the desert in Arizona. In the early 60s Lake Havasu City was founded by the owner of McCulloch Motors as a city for his newly relocated manufacturing plant. Mr. McCulloch decided that the city needed more than his plant so they tried to figure out a big drawing point. At the time the London Bridge built in the early 1800s was losing to the increased traffic demands of 1960s London and was going to be tore down. He paid $2.4M for it, dissamembled it numbering the blocks for reassembly, shipped it to the desert, and reassembled it. They built the bridge first and then dug the channel that it now spans. The visitor center has a neat film with more of the story. Truly a remarkable story. And truly a neat bridge.

Although truth be told it was just the façade, or exterior, of the bridge that was moved, not the entire bridge. A modern bridge rests behind the façade. Here are more photos. You enter through a wrought iron fence and gate brought over from London.

Inside the gate a phone booth, statue and fountain also brought from London. 

More photos of the bridge.

For the bird lovers here are swallows nests on the side of the bridge.

It was a neat day, and great to cross off yet another item from our bucket list.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. It is pretty cool to actually walk on the bridge. Looks like you are having super weather.

  2. Great pictures! When we were there, the English village next to the bridge was nearly in ruins. Looks like it might be doing better:)