Thursday, May 15, 2014


Moss Landing CA (Low 52 Mostly Sunny High 81)

Yesterday we did a little driving tour. Stopped at the Camping World in San Martin on our way to San Jose and the Fish Market Restaurant. It is great when one of your all time favorites from years ago, long before we began fulltiming, still provides great food. We split a king crab blt and a sablefish entree with au gratin potatoes. There was so much king crab on the blt that we were shocked it matched its picture in the lobby. The sablefish is a mild, flakey white fish that is excellent. What a great meal.

This allows us to continue our adventures while in the dead zones and also continue our review of the Da Vinci Exhibit that began here Da Vinci Exhibit, Part One that documented what we already knew. We saw the Da Vinci Exhibit at the Blue Water Casino in Parker Arizona and now document what we did not until we saw this exhibit.

He was involved in developing tools for war, he was his own military industrial complex. He envisioned the first tank.

He had designed a covered assault wagon for scaling walls.

Here are other items for war, a mechanism to knock back ladders against castle walls.

A portable bridge that could be made on the spot.

A catapult.

Da Vinci adapted the agricultural hand tool, the sycthe, for war time use. One floating and one horse drawn.

Leonardo was an amazing man, inventor and genius.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I am watching the Da Vinci series. While interesting, I have serious doubts that it had any thing to do with is actual life:)

  2. I love king crab. Can't even remember the last time I had it though.

    Da Vinci....what a genius for sure.