Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Coarsegold CA (Low 42 Mostly Cloudy With Showers High 62)

We left Visalia yesterday and headed to the Park of the Sierras, an Escapee SKP Park near Coarsegold California. It was approximately 75 miles, here is the route we took.

This is a great park with our Cameo parked in a nice pull thru.

Looking down the road from our site.

Even with all the trees we still are getting a nice satellite signal. I called and requested one and they knew just where to place us to point the dish between the trees. Much better than some other parks where I swear the people in the office have never set foot in their own park much less in an RV.

It was an adventure getting to the pull thru and was sure glad for the guide ahead of us in a golf cart. We had to get real far right to avoid a tree one time and a strange angle to approach the pull thru. Not something we would have wanted to do without help.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I always appreciate it when I am escorted to my site.

  2. Boy are you two in for a treat! Yeosimite...wow!

  3. We loved our stay at Coarsegold. Escapee parks are each very special.

  4. You one up us, we never got to stay at the Escapees Park in Coursegold. We stayed in Groveland. When we came through Yosemite we had to go through the tunnels in the center when no one was coming our way. It was close on the topside. Yosemite is super. Enjoy, enjoy, safe travels.