Friday, May 2, 2014


Visalia CA (Low 58 Sunny High 94)

By the time the awning motor was fixed it was too late to head to the National Parks so we went to a movie instead. We have seen a lot of good movies lately but we were in the mood for a comedy so we saw "The Other Woman". 

We are so glad we did as we cannot remember the last time we laughed so much. From physical comedy to dry comedy to bowel comedy it was really funny. Although there was some swearing the movie did not have a lot of it and although a little raunchy in spots it wasn't overly raunchy either. Just the right balance we think.

Short synopsis is that Cameron Diaz's character finds out the guy she has been seeing is married. She meets the wife and they strike up an unlikely relationship. Then they realize the guy is cheating on both of them with another so they all get together to wreak havoc in his life. Doesn't end well for him is all we'll say.

If you are looking for a good comedy then go see "The Other Woman".

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

Lord willing and the creek don't rise we are off to the National Parks today. It should be cooler since at a higher elevation.

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