Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Waukee IA (Low 47 Afternoon Thunderstorms Cooler High 50)

Why is it always Mondays when places are closed? Seems like there are a lot of places that we want to see and eat at that are closed on Mondays. We had great plans for last Monday, eat at Zombie Burgers in Des Moines and then tour Terrace Hill and maybe Salisbury House.

Since we knew about Mondays we did remember to check that Zombie Burgers was open, at least we have our priorities straight :-) The burgers were wonderful, Jo got the LA Horde; a burger concoction of goat cheese, caramelized onions, bacon and mayo. Bob got a burger special called the Dead Breakfast; a burger concoction of sausage patty, bacon, cheese, fried egg and gravy. We split a side of fries which was enough for both of us. Both burgers and the fries were excellent, we recommend this place if you are ever in Des Moines.

We then went to Terrace Hill, also known as Hubbell Mansion, Benjamin F. Allen House, and Iowa Governor's Mansion, is the official residence of the Governor of Iowa. Well guess what, it is closed on Monday. Here is what we saw :-)

We then checked to see if Salisbury House was open and guess what, it is also closed on Monday. By now we decided it was not meant to be so we went back to the park to sit outside and read, at least it was open on a Monday :-)

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. For the life of me, I can never figure out why touristy places ever close...well maybe for the holidays. So sorry you had such a bummer day.

  2. Yep, places closed on the day I want to visit has sometimes been a problem for me too. How rude of them. ;) I think I would go with Jo's burger for me.