Saturday, May 18, 2013


Clear Lake IA (Low 61 Clouds Giving Way To Sun High 84)

This one is for Jim Dixon, the fishing guy of blog land.

We went to the Muskie Lounge in Ventura IA.

We went there because we wanted to try a Muskie Burger, one of the Top 100 Things to Eat in Iowa Before You Die (per the Des Moines Register). We also heard that it was pretty neat on the inside. The Muskie Lounge is right on the lake with waterfront seating.

But inside there are fish, a lot of fish.

Here is what was the Iowa State Record Muskie caught in 1974 (since eclipsed), a 29 lb 2 oz Muskie caught in Clear Lake, Iowa's third largest natural lake. 

A wide variety of fish can be caught including; walleye, yellow bass, channel catfish, bullhead, crappies, white bass, the aforementioned Muskie, bluegills, northern pike, flathead catfish, and perch so Jim would have a great time. There also is a lot of lures to see, both in the mouths of the fish and elsewhere.

So Jim you can be fishing while Sandie visits the Buddy Holly sites :-)

We do need to give a food report too. We had the Muskie Burger, don't worry it is not made from Muskie, it is a 1/2 lb burger patty with some of the best grilled onions we have had and mushrooms with Swiss and American cheese. We also had a fried walleye sandwich and we split them. Both were very good. A Muskie Burger should be added to the list of those that like burgers.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Since it does not have actual muskie in it, I can add it to the list:)

  2. Interesting. I always thought of muskies as a more northerly fish. Didn't know they can be caught in Iowa.

  3. Yep, Jim is going to love this post.

    The burger sounds delicious!

  4. We've spent so much time in north central Iowa, I can't believe we've missed the Muskie Lounge! It does look like a "don't miss" spot for Jim!

    If you're still looking for things to do, you might make a quick trip to nearby Forest City and take in the factory tour at Winnebago. They run them twice a day (I think) every weekday. It's free and fascinating! ShooterZ is usually good for a tasty burger while you're in town.

    Have fun!

  5. Great pictures of those Muskies. Wish I could catch one that size. Never had a Muskie burger, but I put it on our list.

  6. Finally got Jim to look at this post with me. And I knew that this place would definitely be added to our list. He would love to go Muskie fishing someday. I may have to think about how to get that done for him as a birthday present.