Sunday, May 5, 2013


Kellogg IA (Low 36 Mostly Cloudy and Warmer High 65)

Snow finally ended changing over to rain clearing off the roads and raising the temperatures to the mid 50s so we left Waukee and headed to Kellogg yesterday. It was a short trip even for us, only 70 miles, so we could wait until it warmed up. Here is the route we took.

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Although only 70 miles it was an eventful day. Rained off and on for the trip but had stopped when we arrived. One of the curl pins for our rotochoks got disconnected while in Waukee which we did not notice until we got to Kellogg. A screw is being used until we can get a replacement. To top that the Big Foot Automatic Levelers quit working. System worked fine as we were breaking camp and also when we got to Kellogg raising the Cameo so we could disconnect the truck. When we tried to level though the panel was dead even though the emergency retract button did work which meant the panel had power. Bob could not find a fuse in the panel for the Big Foot so we used the retract button enough to get the Cameo fairly level and then called for help all the while it had started to rain very hard. Quadra called back, even though it was the weekend, and told Bob where their fuse was. They told him to remove it and wait 30 minutes and it might reset. Thank goodness this did work and by now it had quit raining so Bob finished up the outdoor tasks. Always an adventure in this lifestyle that is for sure.

While in Kellogg we do plan to visit Pella and see what it looks like after the annual Tulip Festival is completed. They sure had some bad weather for a spring flower festival didn't they? We also plan to visit Bob's friend from college and his family. After Kellogg we head to Clear Lake continuing our trek to the Upper Peninsula for the summer.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Glad you got your levelers working. Sometimes I really do get frustrated with all the things that go wrong with an RV. Still wouldn't trade it for a house though. I like 70 mile days.

  2. Whenever we called Quadra, they always called back. Great service. We are also heading for the UP. But will be about a month till we get there. Safe Travels
    Bob and Linda

  3. Great news that you didn't have to wait for someone to come out and fix the problem.

    Hope you have warm weather for your next adventure.

  4. Our Big Foot system did the same thing some time back. Jim jiggled the wires and got it going. We haven't had a problem at all. The company sure is good about helping.

    Safe travels.