Wednesday, May 29, 2013


South Range WI (Low 40 Mostly Sunny High 60)

We are having issues with our DirecTV Genie DVR.

The DVR is rebooting every 10-12 hours and it is losing the guide amongst other problems. DirecTV sent a technician from an authorized reseller in the area who once he saw the Winegard automatic dish was looking for a way to leave. This is an automatic dish that they cannot adjust so when the signal was in the high 70s on a couple of satellites he said he could not complete the order so he left. These are common signal strengths for those satellites and has not affected our TV watching.

Bob fared even worse with DirecTV. We had heard horror stories like this years ago but it was not an issue when we were signing up for service and getting two HD DVRs, nor was it an issue when we got the Genie DVR in March after we upgraded our dish to SWM technology. The system worked great for two months but is now on the fritz and Winegard is saying receiver and DirecTV is saying Winegard as the problem. We believe Winegard because Bob took our dome automatic dish and got the same symptoms as the roof mounted unit.

For the time being we are working around the reboots and programming manually just like the old VCR days. If we don't get this resolved soon we will dump DirecTV and go with Dish Network or just go to broadcast TV and Netflix.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Just the over the air antenna for us. But I do hope you get it all straightened out.

  2. When it works...everyone is happy; when it doesn't....look out. Good luck with getting whatever is wrong fixed.

  3. It's a simple problem. You have a defective DVR. The solution is much more complicated. Getting DirectTV to send you another one. We had the same symptoms with our Dish dvr. They finally sent a replacement with free shipping. Ask to speak with a higher level of support immediately after you get a live person on the phone. Threats to leave them for someone else does work....Good luck..

  4. We've had pretty good luck with Dish. We were having a problem with not being able to tape one channel and watch a different one. After 30 minutes on the phone, they said they were shipping a new receiver. The good thing about Dish is that they will change your local programming to where ever you are. We try not to abuse it, but we do switch locals 3 times a year.