Sunday, June 3, 2018


Currently in Sioux Falls SD (Low 51 Sunny High 76)

For the longest time we have been fighting a leak in our door side slideout. We have caulked, taped, caulked again and again and yet we still have a leak. We've had 3 mobile service guys look at it and a couple of helpful neighbors in RV parks look at it and we are stumped. Since this is our home getting it into a dealership is tricky at best, very difficult when in traveling mode moving every few days. We've called a couple of times and appointments are well into the future plus no guarantee how long it would sit on the lot before being worked on. So as a last option we had the mobile service in Rapid City South Dakota install a slideout topper. As they were finishing up a storm front was approaching.

A different slideout showing no topper.

Here is a shot just after they installed.

With the slideout extended the rain hits the topper and not the roof of the slideout.

Hopefully we have stopped the leak. We will keep you posted.

We picked up the truck on Friday, the alternator was no longer charging, plus it killed the batteries in the process.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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