Sunday, June 10, 2018


Currently in West Salem WI (Low 56 Currently Storms 64)
Heading to Oshkosh WI (Currently 62 More Clouds than Sun; Cooler High 67)

After an overnight stay in Wells Minnesota we departed yesterday for West Salem Wisconsin. We are staying at Neshonoc Lakeside Camping Resort.

It was approximately 150 miles along I-90, this is the route we took.

GPS brought us right to the park. The young gal in the office was friendly but apparently has never driven thru or stayed in the park. We wanted a long pull thru that we could stay hooked up and still get a satellite signal but to get a signal we had to pull to the very front of the site and unhook due to a very large tree. The roads are asphalt and the sites are grass. With the rain that the area has seen the sites are a little soggy. The ATT cellular and 4g signals were strong. Our water pump is having some problems so even though we are only staying one night we hooked up to the city water.  It wasn't long that we realized we had a major leak. We checked all the inside connections and no leak in the island, bathroom vanity or the laundry room. Nor was the leak evident from the water heater or at the connection point or in the basement area below the shower. So the leak must be in the underbelly.

We turned off the water and went to the grocery store to get some jugs of bottled water for drinking, washing, flushing, etc. Because of this incident we weren't able to take photos of the site.

We did call ahead to Oshkosh where we are heading today and setup a mobile service to come and remove the underbelly, the insulation that must be soaked, and find/fix the leak. Then the underbelly area needs to dry out and new insulation with the underbelly liner reinstalled. We'll keep you posted.

Once it stops raining this morning we are off to Oshkosh.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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