Thursday, June 21, 2018


Currently in Peshtigo WI (Low 53 Partly Sunny; Comfortable High 65) 

First a note about the weather we have been having. For the most part since we left Texas in April it has been warmer and more humid than we would like. Some of the days were in the 90s with humidity. Although it was 95 feel like degrees when we got here Sunday the highs since then have been in the 60s and low 70s. 65 degrees today and low humidity isn't bad for June 21st is it?

We've had a nagging issue with the water pump for a long time. The internal check valve doesn't work all that well and we are constantly slowly filling up the fresh water tank. We have two water pumps and it happens on both. There are rebuild kits available but since this a known problem for this model of water pump the vendor is now selling an in-line check valve.

Bob cut the hose from the water pump and installed with the spring clamps provided but there was a leak. A good worm gear clamp did the trick. Here is the new in-line check valve installed with both the clamps that worked and those that didn't. 

At first this was very successful for a few weeks as we no longer slowly filled the fresh water tank while connected to city water. The not so successful part happened earlier this week. Luckily we have one time use water alarms.

We have placed these under the sink in the island, in the laundry room, under the sink in the bathroom and the hookup area in the basement where the in-line check valve was installed. Luckily we have that last one because we heard the alarm. At first we weren't sure because it happened one time in the island and it was the loudest eardrum piercing noise you have ever heard. This one sounded like our alarm but in a neighboring coach. Bob went out and this is what he found. 

Since the alarm was in an enclosed area in the basement it wasn't nearly as loud. As you can see from the check valve a lot of water was sprayed in the basement area and then onto the ground but it could have been a whole lot worse. Bob pulled out the broken check valve and installed a coupler before wiping up what he could and setting out the dehumidifier. At least it was in the basement area where we have the cargo tray so none of our stuff got wet. Also lucky that we have the water alarms which reduced the amount of water to deal with.

Seems like it is always something,

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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