Saturday, April 21, 2012

On the move again - to Salt Lake City

We enjoyed our stay just outside of Bryce Canyon National Park at Ruby's Campground, part of the Ruby's Inn complex in Bryce Canyon City. The only drawback of the campground is cost which is why we had a short stay here.

We moved to Salt Lake City yesterday. It was a beautiful day for traveling, a longer trip than most at about 270 miles but we decided we wanted to see and do things in Salt Lake City so this would save us miles each day back and forth.

We are staying at the Salt Lake City KOA for a few nights and plan to visit the Temple and check our genealogy. Most of the places that Bob has listed for the area are food places, we know that is shocking. We do have a complaint about the KOA though in addition to the high cost, we asked for a site that a satellite dish on the roof would work when we called a couple of weeks ago. We were told they had plenty. We checked in yesterday and mentioned again the dish on the roof at the back of our RV. We get to the spot and we swear the biggest tree in the park is at the back of the site. Why don't the people in the office go out and take a look at the park? We switch spots to a much smaller tree, all sites have trees at the back so this must be a park that caters to motor homes.

We did our setup and the dish just kept searching and searching. We stowed it and tried again but no improvement. Well we bought a portable automatic dome dish for just such an emergency so we set that up. Now this worked and locked in but we got no signal at the receivers inside. By this time it was getting close to TV start times so we stowed everything and setup the TV antenna and cable and had to watch our shows live. Who says full-timing isn't rough? Luckily Winegard has Saturday customer support hours so Bob will be calling them today.

The photos from our stay at Bryce Canyon City have been uploaded to the Bryce Canyon folder on our photos on now that we have a good wifi signal. We also have to catch up on all the blog reading.

Here is the route we took from Bryce Canyon to Salt Lake City:

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Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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