Sunday, April 29, 2012

Idaho Falls - The Falls

Yesterday we had lunch at Smittys again where we had breakfast. Between the two of us we have eaten breakfast at a lot of places across this great country but this is the first time we have seen sourdough waffles and pancakes so you know we had to try them. They were made from Aunt Bessie's 100 year old recipe and they were wonderful. They were the most unique waffle and pancakes we ever tasted and we highly recommend them. The pancakes were a little thicker than a crepe but that type of thinness compared to a regular pancake. You can sub pancakes for the bread so Bob did that with an omelet and Jo got the waffle and we split. A side note is that we have added the waffle to 'Our Favorite Things - Food' list on the left side of our blog. We do have to warn you that they are a little pricey but we felt worth it.

We then went to see the Falls of Idaho Falls. The falls were created by the diversion of the Snake River for a hydroelectric plant, the first of which the city built in 1900. There are 3 hyrdoelctric plants in the area that supply over 50% of the power needed for Idaho Falls.

Here is a picture of the Snake River before the falls.

Here is a picture of the diverting of the Snake River.

Here are some pictures of the falls that result from the diverting of the Snake River.

There is a neat park and trail next to the falls and it was neat to just walk and take pictures. There are benches along the way with themes like spud, horse, fish and the bluebird one showing below. You can just sit and watch the raging waters and listen to the incredible sound that they make. If it was warmer we would bring a book and just sit on the benches and enjoy life.

We also saw some baby geese along the path.

Photos from our walk along the falls have been uploaded to in the Idaho Falls set.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I'd like to try those pancakes... I don't even like pancakes but love anything sourdough. Sounds yummy! Is it too early for rafting on that river? Looks like an exciting one for sure.

    1. How can you not like pancakes :-)

      Around here if the water is flowing its rafting time, lots of good rafting on the Snake River from what we hear.