Saturday, July 9, 2011

We finally made it to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

A year in the making we arrived in the Upper Peninsula (UP) yesterday. We originally planned on arriving last year but medical issues delayed us a year. The wait was worth it, we have a great site right on the Portage River that runs from Lake Superior to Portage Lake. We have a permanent grin on our face right now and Jo said now that she has seen this site she understands why people like RV'ng  : - )

Here is the view from our back window.

Here is our outdoor area which is the nicest that we have had to date.

Bob already has a big list to see while here so we will not lack for things to do. While in the UP we are temporary "Yoopers" which is what residents of the UP are called. We plan to be Yoopers for a month or so until we cross the Mackinac Bridge (Da Bridge per the Yoopers) to the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

It was a relatively short trip of 168 miles so we got up and left a little later than usual. We were a little shocked when the GPS arrival time was an hour later than we thought it would be. Turns out we crossed over into the Eastern Time Zone. We knew we would eventually it was just a little sooner than we thought.

Except for three work areas where we had to stop for a one lane road the drive was nice. After spending all of our towing time on Interstates driving through small towns has been kinda neat. With a posted speed limit of 55 mph and going through towns it certainly is a slower pace than the interstate. We had cell reception all the way but don't ever recall seeing a cell tower. How is that possible?

We have updated our 'Current Location', 'States Visited' and 'Current Trip' gadgets on the blog.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I love it I see 62 on your weather map,it's about 92 plus here :(

  2. Your weather similar to ours! Your site there looks terrific! Is that grin like the pudding face...?! Enjoy!

  3. I camped the UP with my parents while growing up in Minnesota. I remember pasty stands--yummy little handheld meat pies. Do they still have those up there?

  4. Pasties are still big in the UP, our goal is try the local favorite along the way.