Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bayfield Wisconsin

We have to say that we love this little town, it is what we imagine the smaller towns of Maine will look like when we get there. We were surprised when we saw that Bayfield has a population of only 611 but we are really liking the small town feel. Ashland is the big town in the area since it has a Super Wal-Mart but at a little over 8000 it is still real small in comparison to some of the places we have been.

What really gets us about this town though is just driving through offers great scenic views of Lake Superior.

Here is a picture of the Church with the lake in the background we went to and the view we get when leaving Mass.

When you drive anywhere it does not take long and you are on a two lane road with forest on both sides. We took a drive to Cornucopia which is the northernmost community in Wisconsin and hardly saw anybody else on the road and there was an occasional really small town like Finnsville population 2 but usually just a scenic drive through the trees with a glance now and then at Lake Superior.

For such a small town you would not expect the high quality eating establishments but the Egg Toss Cafe for breakfast and Maggies for lunch and the Portside at the Port Superior Marina for supper are all good. We had our first Whitefish Livers and we were very pleasantly surprised at how good they were so give them a try if in the area. Also give the Gourmet Garage a try as they make incredible pie and the best pasties we have had to date.

Walking around downtown and all the neat shops is also a treat. Be sure and get some ice cream at the Candy Shoppe and smell what they are baking. We are getting a Croatian Wine Bread before we leave because it smells so good. Being in a place where there are no chain stores or restaurants and everything is locally owned was kind of refreshing. We have already blogged about how we liked just walking by the Pier, Marina and East Dock Park.

We highly recommend the Bayfield area to anybody that wants to come here in an RV or a car.We are already talking about how long we will stay the next time.

Photos have been uploaded to and added to the Bayfield 2011 set.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. Thanks for the tip. We will try and remember to look around when back in that area.